Ocean Spray Zero Sugar

Ocean Spray Zero Sugar Main Image

Agricultural cooperative Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc. has launched Ocean Spray Zero Sugar Juice Drink, the first beverage from the brand with 0 grams of sugar and no artificial sweetener. The shelf-stable line comes in two flavors, Ocean Spray’s familiar Cranberry and, in a first for the brand’s beverage portfolio, Mixed Berry. Made with real fruit juice and sweetened with stevia, the beverage is described by Ocean Spray as an excellent source of vitamin C. The suggested retail price for Ocean Spray Zero Sugar is $3.71 per 64-fluid-ounce bottle of either flavor, with the on-shelf price determined by the retailer. Ocean Spray launched another better-for-you juice line earlier this year, consisting of Immunity Cranberry Blueberry Acai, Immunity Orange Mango and Revitalize Cranberry Pineapple Juice Drink. Those function-forward beverages are made with real fruit juice, no artificial sweeteners and zero added sugar.