Happy Egg Co. Free Range Eggs 18-Count Cartons

Happy Egg Co 18-Count Combo Main Image

No. 1 free-range U.S. brand Happy Egg Co. has expanded its offerings to include an 18-count carton of its Certified Organic and original Free Range eggs. Created for families and consumers who regularly purchase eggs, the larger cartons feature the company’s premium American Humane Certified eggs. Each delivers farm-fresh flavor, vivid sunrise-colored yolks, and 6 grams of protein, along with vitamins and minerals, in every serving. The suggested retail prices are $9.99 for the Certified Organic eggs and $8.49 for the Free Range eggs. Raised on 8-plus acres of land by small family farms across the Ozarks and the Midwest, the Lohmann Brown and Hyline Brown breeds that provide Happy Egg Co.’s eggs have year-round access to the outdoors on 21.8 square feet of range per bird, 10 times the space of most free-range farms. The hens also receive daily care from farmers and are fed a specially formulated diet.