King Arthur Climate Blend Flour

King Arthur Climate Blend Flour Main Image

America’s oldest baking company, King Arthur Baking Co., has now come out with Climate Blend Flour, a unique blend of wheat varieties grown using regenerative practices that help farmers improve soil health and farm resilience. The product offers environmentally minded bakers a planet-forward product they can feel good about, without compromising the taste and quality King Arthur prides itself on. The regenerative flour offers a rich, nutty flavor and tender texture and can be used in any recipe that calls for whole wheat flour, including bread, muffins, scones and other favorite baked goods. Certified Regeneratively Grown by third-party organization Regenified, the flour was created in collaboration with the Washington State University Breadlab, an organization that breeds wheat varieties that are better for the soil and encourage sustainable farming practices. Among the varieties used to create the flour is an innovative perennial wheat which will grow back naturally without needing to be planted again for two to three years. The wheat for this batch of Climate Blend was grown in North Dakota and Montana by multigenerational farmers. A 32-ounce package of the flour retails for a suggested $5.95.