Blue Circle Foods + Spicewalla Chili Lime Salmon Shorties

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Blue Circle Spicewalla Chile Lime Salmon Shorties Main Image

Seafood supplier Blue Circle Foods, known for its Norwegian Atlantic salmon and sustainability practices in aquaculture, has partnered with seasoning maker Spicewalla to elevate holiday party bites with the introduction of limited-time offering Chili Lime Salmon Shorties The easy-to-serve miniature salmon sausages – measuring about an inch and a half long – are seasoned with Spicewalla’s Chili Lime Seasoning and hardwood smoked for classic sausage flavor. Containing no nitrates, added sugar, added hormones, antibiotics, synthetic colors or fillers, they can be served on their own, with avocado crema dipping sauce or wrapped in pastry like pigs in a blanket. Chile Lime Salmon Shorties are available in 8-ounce packages of about 29 bite-sized sausages on Blue Circle’s website for $12 and at Pop Up Grocer in New York City for $6.