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Wild Alaska Seafood Point-of-Sale for October

There really is nothing more unique and special than food caught in the wild. October Seafood Month affords retailers a great opportunity to market and promote wild-caught seafood from Alaska – home to some of the most responsible and sustainable wild-caught fisheries on the planet. 

Consumers understand wild-caught seafood as better for their health and for the planet. 62% of shoppers say knowing the seafood they are purchasing is ‘naturally caught or wild’ is very important to their purchase. Its appeal reaches shoppers driven by environmental concerns, and those looking for superior quality. Specifically, taste, less harmful additives, and health are consumers' top three reasons they prefer wild-caught. 

The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) has made it easy to build wildly successful October Seafood Month and year-round promotions. Put in an order for our point-of-sale materials or if you want to talk about a custom Alaska seafood promotion, please contact Mark Jones at [email protected] or visit