Vallarta Supermarkets Opens SoCal Location With Latino Favorites

Carson store opening marks the grocer’s 55th location
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Vallarta Supermarkets
Vallarta Supermarkets is expanding its reach with a grand opening in Carson, Calif.

Vallarta Supermarkets will hold the grand opening of its newest store location in Carson, Calif., on Nov. 8. 

Located at 110 East Carson Street, the new store will feature the following departments:

  • La Frutería: A feature new to Vallarta Supermarket and the first of its kind will enable customers to make fresh fruit bowls in-store. Customers choose their fruits of choice from watermelon, cucumber, pineapple, mango, cantaloupe and honeydew, and to top it off, customers can add toppings such as Tajin, Chamoy, lime juice, and salt.
  • Fresh Produce: Vallarta Supermarkets sources fresh produce from local growers, as well as those across the United States and around the world, including Mexico, Chile, Canada, Peru, Guatemala and New Zealand. Latino favorites like mamey, chayote, mango tierno, as well as seasonal favorites, can be found here.
  • Carnes Frescas: A variety of American meat cuts, such as porterhouse, T-bone, and tri-tip, as well as USDA choice tomahawk steak, a premium, thick-cut ribeye steak not commonly carried at other supermarkets, can be found in this department.
  • Pescadería: The pescadería has an in-house Cevichería, which includes a wide selection of fresh and frozen quality seafood from all over the world. The Cevichería showcases eight varieties of house-made authentic ceviches made with freshly squeezed lime, all of them prepared in-store in small batches throughout the day to ensure peak freshness.
  • Tortillería: Customers can buy authentic homemade fresh corn and flour tortillas every day. Masa is also sold for customers to make tortillas at home.
  • Cremería: The Cremería is Vallarta's version of a traditional deli, where customers can find a selection of the freshest house-made cremas from Mexico and Central America, as well as Latin American cheeses, including queso fresco, queso frijolero, cotija and queso Oaxaca.
  • Panadería: Customers can find Latin American favorite breads like conchas, puerquitos, mantecadas and bolillos. Vallarta also makes cakes and sweets in-store.
  • La Isla: Each store has a juice bar, where customers can order fresh-pressed fruit and vegetable juices. Various aguas frescas are also available in many flavors, like horchata, pineapple, papaya, mamey and jamaica.

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"We are excited to open our doors and expand into the South Bay with the community of Carson," said Lizette Gomez, director of marketing at Vallarta Supermarkets. "Our goal has always been to provide a welcoming shopping experience where our customers can find fresh, high-quality products [and] everyday essentials while celebrating the cultural diversity that makes this community unique."

To celebrate the new store opening, Vallarta Supermarkets will give the first 300 customers reusable bags filled with groceries or gift baskets. 

Through the Vallarta Go delivery service, customers can also shop from the convenience of their homes and have their groceries and fresh authentic foods delivered to their homes. La Cocina items are available for delivery via DoorDash.

Founded in 1985, Pacoima, Calif.-based Vallarta is an independent grocery chain with 55 locations throughout California with more than 8,000 team members.

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