Teton Taste Buds

Teton Taste Buds Main Image

Grass-fed beef provider Teton Waters Ranch has now rolled out Teton Taste Buds, featuring blends of veggies with the brand’s 100% grass-fed beef for  healthier versions of such classic kid favorites as hot dogs (an 8-ounce 5-count package of Top Dogs retails for a suggested $6.99); mini corn dogs (a 15-ounce 22-count package of Corn Pups retails for a suggested $11.99); meatballs (a 12-ounce 12-count package of Meatball Buddies retails for a suggested $11.99); and burgers (a 12-ounce 6-count package of Burger Buddies retails for a suggested $11.99). By incorporating vegetables into these products and achieving nutritional results that include lower fat, lower sodium and lower sugar across the entire product  line, Teton Waters Ranch aims to provide a convenient and accessible solution to improve the nutritional profile of beloved comfort foods for children.The product has already gained significant industry traction, with food distributors UNFI, Farmers and Fisherman, and Rastelli’s teaming with Teton Waters Ranch to bring these products to younger eaters. The launch of Teton Taste Buds coincides with Childhood Obesity Awareness Month in September.