New Tech Designed to Prevent Produce Spoilage in Smaller Cold-Storage Areas

Applied UV introduces air purification system for product preservation and food waste reduction
Lynn Petrak
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Airocide Pro+
First developed by NASA, the Airocide air purification system can now be used in smaller areas like cold storage rooms.

To help suppliers and grocers optimize shelf life and cut down on food waste, a tech company has developed a new solution to preserve fresh produce. Applied UV Inc. has launched the Airocide Pro+ air purification system for the preservation of fresh fruits and vegetables in smaller-footprint spaces.

Applied UV teamed up with Newport News, Va.-based Canon Virginia Inc., a subsidiary of Canon U.S.A. Inc., to develop the latest pathogen-killing technology, which is designed to integrate into transportation or cold-storage environments without taking up unnecessary space. The system centers on the control of ethylene, a gas released by fruits and vegetables during the ripening and storage processes.

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Airocide was first created by NASA with assistance from researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The technology, which uses a patented combination of UVC and a proprietary titanium dioxide based photocatalyst, has been shown to eliminate and remove airborne microorganisms, allergens and odors in a variety of applications.

“Our Airocide line has already proven effective at reducing spoilage and extending shelf life with global companies such as Del Monte, Dole and Whole Foods, and most recently with Fresh Taste Produce, an organization directly involved in farming, packing, importing, processing and distributing fresh produce from more than 35 countries,” explained Max Munn, CEO of Mount Vernon, N.Y.-based Applied UV.  “With the introduction of our next-generation Airocide product, we have a significant opportunity to address the persistent and increasingly costly problems associated with the presence of ethylene in the critical produce supply chain of cold storage, distribution and logistics.”

According to Munn, the Airocide Pro+ air purifier solution meets production needs across the supply chain. The system works within the demanding space requirements in refrigerated truck trailers, shipping containers and cold rooms.

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