National Pescatarian Month Gets Underway

National Fisheries Institute helps bolster efforts already underway by retailers as part of National Seafood Month
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A complement to National Seafood Month, National Pescatarian Month in October celebrates and promotes healthy diets centered on fish and shellfish plus vegetables.

This October, the National Fisheries Institute (NFI) is once again celebrating healthy pescatarian lifestyles with the fourth annual observance of National Pescatarian Month, including recipes, cooking tips, nutrition information and more on its blog, Dish on Fish.

National Pescatarian Month is recognized each October in celebration of Pescatarians and their diet. This observance embraces the health and lifestyle advantages of choosing a pescatarian diet, which consists of fish, shellfish and vegetables. It encourages consumers to "Go Pescatarian" all month long, with the goal of eating at least two to three seafood meals a week, as recommended by the U.S. Dietary Guidelines.

National Pescatarian Month helps bolster efforts already underway by retailers, foodservice operators and brands as part of the existing National Seafood Month observance, also in October.

"One thing I love to encourage folks to do during National Pescatarian Month is to stop thinking about seafood as a special-occasion dish and start thinking about it as a convenience food: always on hand and able to be bought in bulk," said Chef Barton Seaver, a sustainable-seafood expert and cookbook author. "Frozen seafood is now comparable to the best options at the fresh fish counter, so you can stock up for easy weeknight meals no special occasion required."

"I am so excited for people to experience the new recipes we've added to our popular e-cookbook as they look for inspiration during National Pescatarian Month," said Rima Kleiner, a registered dietitian and licensed nutritionist who works on Dish on Fish. "From sheet pan crab nachos to juicy shrimp po' boy burgers, we dish up nutritious and delicious recipes on Dish on Fish that will satisfy pescatarians, omnivores and everyone in between."

Added Brandon F. Phillips, VP of external affairs and councils at NFI: "We've tried to make it easier than ever for people to 'Go Pescatarian,' between simply amazing recipes and valuable nutritional information on Dish on Fish, the sponsor of National Pescatarian Month. What's more, we're using a QR code this year so people can download our e-cookbook with one touch from any mobile device."

Reston, Va.-based NFI is a nonprofit organization dedicated to education about seafood safety, sustainability and nutrition.

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