Kroger Is Creating a Health Care Destination

Grocer wants to be consumers’ go-to place for a range of services in this area
Bridget Goldschmidt
Managing Editor
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Kroger Health Care
Kroger wants its shoppers to know that they can get many of their health needs met at the supermarket chain.

Will it one day be as common to visit your local supermarket when you’re feeling sick as it is now to go to an area doctor’s office, urgent care center or emergency room? The Kroger Co. certainly hopes so, which is why the Cincinnati-based grocer has come up with its A World of Care is In-Store initiative.

According to Doug Cornelius, director of pharmacy operations, Kroger Health, the campaign, which rolled out nationwide last year, is “all about raising awareness. We’re highlighting and educating customers about the array of health care services accessible at Kroger Health and associated Kroger Family of Companies stores, including pharmacy services, vaccinations, nutrition guidance, and more. We provide all of these services in order to make health more accessible to all, including those in underserved communities.”

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Cornelius notes that the exact lineup of services available at each location is based on community needs and what’s permitted by state regulations.

Be Like Joe

Of course, getting the word out to shoppers is key. “Kroger Health is promoting A World of Care is In-Store to shoppers through streaming video and radio commercials, social media posts, and also via in-store signage,” says Cornelius. “We wanted to ensure that our customers were informed about the variety of accessible health care services available at their local retail health location. This past summer, we were excited to elevate the campaign by including our Kroger Health brand ambassador, [Cincinnati Bengals quarterback] Joe Burrow, who anchors a commercial speaking to his own health journey and how his personal values for health align with Kroger Health’s commitment to having the right team of health care experts in your corner, meeting you where you are.”

So far, Cornelius notes, the company has “received a very positive response from customers, primarily because we make accessing health care services much more convenient for busy and distracted people. People don’t want to have to go to four or five different places to access pharmacy, clinic and laboratory offerings. They want health care where they are, and we are meeting that need for them. I think they also really get a kick out of the involvement of Joe Burrow as Kroger Health’s brand ambassador — he’s been a great champion for our efforts.”

The Holistic Approach

What Cornelius wants consumers to know is just how all-inclusive — and easy to obtain —  Kroger’s health care services are. “Our customers can fill their prescriptions at Kroger Health pharmacies, and they can also visit The Little Clinic for diagnostic treatment, ongoing health management, wellness visits and preventive care services,” he observes. “They can access nutrition guidance virtually, at their convenience. This holistic approach empowers people to proactively manage their health journeys where they already visit and shop every week.”

Asked what he thinks is the next frontier of health care at retail, Cornelius replies: “We’re really excited that Kroger Health is expanding into clinical trials, with select Kroger pharmacies and The Little Clinic locations serving as clinical trial sites. This move aims to make participating in health care research more convenient and improve access and equity in clinical trials. It all ladders up to our primary objective: Personalizing health care to make it as convenient as possible for today’s consumers.” 

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