Have You Set Your Blockchain, Waste Reduction Goals?


2018 could be the most challenging year yet for the grocers, manufacturing and growers alike. With new competitors, tighter margins, sustainability goals, food safety concerns and the evolving shopping habits of today’s consumers, retailers have their work cut out for them navigating the competitive landscape successfully throughout the year.

Simply tweaking business strategy won’t cut it this year – grocers will have to drastically reimagine their business to achieve the results needed to ensure ongoing business success and growth. And there’s little room for mistakes: It’s necessary to get things right as early in the game as possible.

To help retailers start the year fresh, Zest Labs will present a free webinar Feb. 22, hosted by Progressive Grocer, to share three key goals that can be accomplished in 2018. The discussion will include such goals as:

  • Setting a waste reduction goal and plan to achieve it to start saving money now
  • Achieving true transparency and addressing blockchain for your supply chain
  • Establishing a freshness metric for your cold chain

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