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Frozen is FRESH

Reel in frozen seafood sales

High-quality, portion-controlled frozen seafood harvested from Alaska allows retailers to meet the growing demand for frozen seafood, with no waste or shrink. 

As consumers seek easy, healthy and enjoyable meals to cook at home, they can choose from a variety of wild Alaska seafood products that go right from the freezer to the oven, stovetop, instant cooker, air fryer or grill. 

Just as the pristine waters of Alaska are home to many species of fish, the freezer case includes a range of natural seafood that has been frozen at peak freshness and meets shopper interest in sustainably sourced, flavorful, convenient and nutritious foods. Using COOK IT FROZEN® techniques, consumers will discover a virtual sea of recipes.  

To attract shoppers to the frozen seafood case, grocers can take advantage of free in-store merchandising and training support materials featuring cooking tips, recipes, videos and fun point-of-sale materials. 

Good Timing

Now is an opportune time to highlight frozen seafood as a solution.

  • As people stick close to home and cook for themselves over the next fall and winter months, they are stocking up their freezers.
  • Losing weight and eating healthy are priorities for many shoppers as the new year begins.
  • Buying sustainably sourced products is a resolution for many consumers.
  • People have gotten into cooking over the past few years, and those who continue to prepare meals at home are continually seeking new recipes and exploring new cooking techniques.

From Ocean to Freezer in a Flash

Alaska seafood harvesters take pride in their catch and want to provide the best quality possible. Thanks to advanced technologies that freeze and naturally protect fish portions within hours after being caught, Alaska seafood offers fresh-caught flavor, delicate texture and nutrient-packed content.

Alaska’s ready-to-cook seafood catch encompasses five species of salmon, numerous varieties of whitefish and several shellfish species. 

No Need to Thaw

Show consumers how they can easily cook Alaska seafood using COOK IT FROZEN® techniques, including:

  • Roasting
  • Poaching
  • Air Frying
  • Searing
  • Baking
  • Grilling
  • Pressure Cooking

Consumers have access to a haul of ideas and instructions at

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