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Dollars – Units – Margins: New Collaboration Models to Deliver on Metrics that Matter



Retailers and brands need to close their digital divide more than ever and focus on what shoppers value most. Join Spencer Baird, EVP and President of Inmar Intelligence’s Martech Division, a veteran who has experienced this divide from both the CPG and Retailer perspective. Spencer and Mike Troy, Editorial Director of Progressive Grocer, will dig into what needs to be true to win over shoppers today and into the future. They will discuss how brands and retailers can drive dollars, units and better margins through collaboration. But it all starts with a “Shopper-First” mentality:

  • Learn about the four guardrails for delivering on convenience, value and personalization, and unlock the keys to generating more shopper revenue.
  • A discussion on data collaboration and its impact: 87.39% of brands would spend more on their top 3 shopper touchpoints if retailers gave them enhanced access to retail data and retail media inventory.
  • Retailer targets and planning processes must evolve in ways that make it easier for brands to address different audiences. A combination of processes and the right technology can solve this.



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