Moving Beyond Digital: The Next Era for Grocers

From Digital to Omniscience

    Apr 2023
    24 Apr

    Being 'Everywhere' – From Gadgets to Customer Relationships

    Voice-activated digital assistants have not fully achieved their promise, due to concerns over trust and unclear monetization strategies. The focus should be on working "with" technology to enhance human experiences.
    Mar 2023
    27 Mar

    What’s in my Basket and What’s your Number?

    A growing interest across many industries in the latest breakthroughs in generative AI, a new era where humans and intelligent systems will work side by side to create new experiences, services and business outcomes.
    Jan 2023
    30 Jan

    The Case for Grocery Reinvention

    Both grocers and consumers have embraced a digital future, with 90% of grocers and 70% of shoppers transacting online. But the changes grocers face extend far beyond the mobile app or self-checkout system.
    Dec 2022
    04 Dec

    Moving Beyond Digital: The Next Era for Grocers

    The era of digitalization in grocery may be essentially over