Digital Depth Analysis - The e-commerce experience audit

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Digital Depth Analysis - The E-commerce Experience Audit


The global pandemic accelerated the move to online shopping and paved the way for more need-based shopping by conscious shoppers. As more consumers migrated to this digital landscape, product transparency through comprehensive product content became critical.

Retailers and their manufacturer suppliers were forced to adapt or risk shopper loyalty. In fact, 64% of shoppers will switch from a brand they usually buy to another brand that provides more in-depth product information.

Product content powers the digital path to purchase. Are retailers delivering an experience that matches consumer expectations?

The "Digital Depth Analysis: The e-commerce experience audit" reviewed 40 top retailers across Grocery, Health & Beauty, and Pet and found that 72% of qualified products are missing from retailer search results, nearly 1/3 of retailers are showing one image or less on their product detail pages and 23% of retailers are missing ingredient statements on over half of product detail pages.

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